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  Prepared Carolinian offers the NC Concealed Carry Handgun course  along with custom pistol range training. 

  Prepared Carolinians ultimate goal is to produce competent citizens with the knowledge, skill and attitude to handle handguns safely whether on a range or in a dynamic self defence situation. 

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  Custom pistol range training is available for the beginning as well as intermediate shooter. 

  New shooters will receive a solid foundation on the principles of pistol marksmanship (2hrs, 300rds).

  Intermediate shooters will receive a refresher on the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship then move into more intermediate drills (4hrs, 700rds).

Discover the firearms training courses available at Prepared Carolinian.

What is required by North Carolina for obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit?  Want to understand the entire process? If so click the " NC CCH Application Process " link and review the information. 

Student Reviews

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  Concealed Carry Course Prices

Everyday Low Price $55.00

Discounts available, see below


Military Or First Responder Or Senior (55 or older)

Group (Must register and attend with a friend)

Full time college students (Requires valid school ID and school email address

Class price: $50.00

Spouses of deployed service members

(Please bring copy of the orders showing deployment)

Class price: $25.00

Classes will be held at:

Bordeaux Convention Center

Baymont Inn & Suites Fayetteville Fort Bragg Area

1707 Owen Dr Fayetteville, NC 28304

Baymont Inn & Suites Fayetteville Fort Bragg Area

Accoss from the bordeaux shopping center on Owen Drive.

Bordeaux Convention Center


Private classes are available for Businesses, Churches, Organizations or Groups.

Click "Private Classes" for details.

***Over 2550 students trained since 2014***
To register for a course:

1- Find a class date you wish to attend                                                 
2- Find the range date and time you wish to do the range on             
3- Click "Register for Course" to open the course registration form.
4- Fill out the registration form.                                                              
5- Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.                       
Cancelation Policy

Prepared Carolinian has changed its Cancelation Policy due to over 600 "No Shows" since 2014.

Click here to review the policy before registering   

     Concealed Carry training consist of two parts, Range Qualificaition and attending an 8 hour classroom presentation.      


    Upcoming Concealed Carry (8 Hour) Class Dates

 NC Concealed Carry Class

28 Mar 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled  

NC Concealed Carry Class

18 Apr 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled   

NC Concealed Carry Class 23 May 2020 (Saturday)   Canceled    
NC Concealed Carry Class 06 Jun 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled  
NC Concealed Carry Class 27 Jun 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled   

As of 27 Jun, NC remains in Phase 2.  

With new cases on the rise, NC Governor elected to keep the state at Phase 2 until middle of July. The situatioin will be re-evaluated by the state in mid Jul to determine the next move.

Phase 2 does not allow social gatherings thus groups of over 10 are not allowed. 

For now, no more classes are being scheduled unitl I know more.

All students MUST do the qualification prior to the class in order to leave the 8hr class with the certificate of training in hand. 
If you do not qualify on the range prior to the 8hr class your certificate of training will be held until the range is conducted.  The certificate will be issued at the range upon completion.
Upcoming Qualification dates


**Maximum class size: 90.  Register early to secure your seat.

**To register, click on the "Register for Course" link on the left. Don't forget to include the date and time you wish to meet for the qualification in the free text area on the registration form. Please pick a date from the available qualification dates listed above ensuring you pick a date before the class date you are registering for. Select a time you wish to meet from the available block time listed:

EG: Qualify 17 Feb 18 at 0900.  
Below are a list of dates and times I will be available to meet you at the range for the qualification. When registering, enter the date and specific time you wish to meet at the range in the free text area at the bottom of the registration form.  Range qualification should be conducted prior to the class date.  If a date is not available prior to the class date, I might be able to find an alternate date during the week to conduct the qualification. 

Qualification will be conducted at the
Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club located at:

3229 Blossom Road, Hope Mills NC 28348.

Special notes about the range:
1- Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club is a private range for members and their guess.
2- If you arrive at the range and the gate is open, enter the range and make an immediate left and follow signs to range 3.
3- If you arrive at the range and the gate is closed, pull up to the gate then pull off to the left and park so not to block the gate.  Give me a call and I will move up to the gate and let you in.  DO NOT CLIMB OVER OR WIGGLE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE GATE.  Remember, the range is private property and monitored with over a dozen security camera's. It might take me a few minutes to come up to the gate if i am in the middle of qualifying someone.  If i don't answer, wait 5 minutes and call again.
4- The speed limit on the range is 5 mph.

5- When you arrive at Range 3, pull up to the wood fense and park.  Take the following actions depending on how you are transporting your firearm:

     - If your firearm is in a holster on your belt, simply secure the extra magazines and ammo and proceed to the covered benches behind the firing line. Do not take the firearm out of the holster,

     - If your firearm is in a bag, carry the bag to to the covered benches behind the firing line.  Do not take the firearm out or handle the firearm, just leave it secured in the bag.

     - If your firearm is not in a bag, holster or container.  Leave the firearm in the vehicle and move up to the covered benches.  We will wait until the range is hot before you remove the firearm from the vehicle and move it up to the range.

     ** When in doubt, leave it in the vehicle and come up and ask.

Memberships/Associations: NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer, North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor, Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor, Hope Mills Area Chamber of Commerce


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