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NC CCH Application Process

In North Carolina citizens wanting to get their Concealed Carry Handgun permit (CCH) must first attend an 8 hour Concealed Carry Handgun training course conducted by a certified NC Concealed Carry Handgun instructor. This is to ensure you, the citizen, know what you can and can't do with the gun once the local Sheriff issues you your permit.

Remember, NC sheriffs are trying to set you up for success by ensuring all their citizens understand the law thus avoiding an unjustified use of deadly force.

THEIR IS NO GRAY AREA when it comes to GUNS. You are either RIGHT or you are WRONG. Being WRONG will cost you your freedom.

NC Concealed Carry class:

1- Instructor led

2- Minimum course length is 8 hours, not including the range qualification.

3- The legal portion of the training MUST be a minimum of 2 hours.

4- Concealed Carry Handgun permit candidates must qualify with a handgun.  In order to qualify, candidates must hit the target 21 out of 30 rounds while firing at a distance of 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yards.


Note: If the instructor you go to does not do it this way he is in violation of the law. When, not if, he is caught all certificates issued by him can be nullified by the North Carolina Training and Standards division. All who have obtained a Concealed Carry Handgun permit using one of these instructor’s bogus training certificates can be forced to retake a valid training course.

The Application Process

I want to remind all of my students that your next step, after you receive your Concealed Carry Handgun training certificate from me, is to follow the process your local sheriff has in order to apply for your Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. 

Using Cumberland County as an example,

1- Cumberland County residence would go to the Cumberland County Sheriff's department Special Permits website located at https://cumberlandso.permitium.com/ccw/start and click on the NEW Concealed Handgun Permit link. 

2- You are filling out the forms on the computer. 

3- Once you fill out all the forms you will be required to enter your credit card info and pay the $95.00 ($90 for the back ground check and $5 for the convenience of doing the application from home and using your own printer ink and paper). 

4- Once you enter in the CC info you will be asked to enter the certificate number from the certificate the instructor gave you after the training.  The number you want to enter is the one to the bottom right of the certificate to the right of the seal. 

5- Lastly you will have to click on a calendar and select a date you wish to go down to the Sheriff’s office to present your packet.  Remember you are filling it out on line; you will have to print out everything you filled out on line and take to your appointment.

6- Preparing for your appointment:  Once you print everything, you will be instructed to “NOT SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS”.  You will sign in front of the clerk on the day of your appointment.  They will notarize it for free saving you $15.

You will be required to gather supporting documents; a list should be printed with the forms.  If you are military, you will have to provide a copy of your orders bringing you to Fort Bragg or the military installation you are assigned to in NC.  Doing so will negate the requirement of having a North Carolina Driver’s license with a valid address.  Your wife can use the same orders to forgo that requirement as well.  If this is the case you will have to supply an alternate document to prove you live in the county.  Remember you get your permit through the local Sheriff.

7- Appointment day: Take all the documents down to the Law Enforcement Center (Sheriff's Office).  They will review and notarize your application.  Once notarized, digital finger prints will be done on site and your application is submitted. 

Most counties have gone digital and have similar process.  If your county does not have a digital process you will need to take the certificate down to the Sheriff’s office to prove you have taken the class.  Once you show the clerk the certificate they will issue you the application and brief you on the process.

Hope this helps.

Below is a list of all the counties in NC.  If I could not find the exact link to the Concealed Carry Handgun permit application site for the county I put a link to the Sheriff’s office website so you can call them and ask about the process.  Some of these links will open to the Sheriff's permit page just because that is where they outline their process.  If the link for your county opens like this simply read the information then click on the "New Concealed Carry Handgun Permit" link.

Last note:  If you find a broken link please email or send me a simply text informing me of the county with the broken link.  As of 2 September 2018, the information below was correct.  I will try to check back every month and click every link to ensure they all work.